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New Revolution Of Cleaning

  •  Deep Through Cleaning          

Living Room

Dust ceiling fans.  Remove cobwebs.  Dust blinds and wipe down window sills.  Wipe down door and light switch panels.  Clean mirrors.  Dust picture frames and decorations.  Dust furniture.  Wipe down washer and dryer.  Clean sliding and glass door,  Straighten up.  Remove trash. Replace liner.  Dust and vacuum baseboards. Steam mop or vacuum.   Sweep front porch.


Dust light fixture..  Remove Cobwebs.  Wipe down drawers and cabinets.  Wipe down doors and switch panels.  Wipe down counters.  Dishes washed or loaded in dishwasher.  Sink cleaned.  Microwave cleaned inside and out.  Wipe down outside of refrigerator.  Clean stove top and outside of oven.  Wipe down tables and chairs.  Remove trash.  Replace liner.  Dust vacuum baseboards.  Steam mop floor.


Dust ceiling fan.  Remove cobwebs.  Dust and wipe down window sills.  Dust picture frames and decorations. Clean mirrors.  Wipe down doors and light switch panels.  Remove trash.  Replace trash liner.  Dust and vacuum baseboards.  Steam mop or vacuum floor.


Dust light fixtures.  Remove cobwebs.  Wipe down cabinets and drawers.  Wipe down door and light switch panels.  Clean shower, tile and tub.  Clean mirrors.  Clean shower glass.  Clean toilets.  Vacuum and wipe down baseboards.  Steam mop.

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Standard Cleaning 1 Bedroom
Standard Cleaning 2 bedrooms
Standard Cleaning 3 Bedrooms
Standard Cleaning 4 Bedroom
Standard Cleaning 5 Bedroom
Steam Clean Carpet 1 Bedroom
Steam Clean Carpet 2 Bedrooms
Steam Clean Carpet 3 Bedrooms
Steam Clean Carpet 4 Bedrooms
Steam Clean Carpet 5 Bedrooms

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