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How Groupon Works

There's a Wait List for Groupon . 

Expected time of wait 3 to 6 months.

Silcon Valley

If you need immediate assistant contact Groupon & make other arrangements.

We have not been paid for your job!

We hire independent contractors.  We don't assign appointments to the cleaners.   How it works we send out invitations to our Cleaners.

They choose what jobs they want base on pay and distance.  Cleaners have the option to accept your job or decline the job.

If they claim your job.   We will text you to make sure you are still available.  This is a wait list only.  

Our cleaners are licenses, bonded and insured. 

This is the deal!

Groupon appointments pay $7.25 per hour.

Groupon charges you 50-70% to browse their website.  Not for sure what they are selling you.  Maybe a membership or Groupon bucks.  What ever the case may be.   By the time you are ready to hire a cleaner.  Your voucher is only worth $20 to $29 dollars depending on how many hours you purchased on Groupons website.  

 Our cleaners have not claimed a Groupon appointment since February because it pays minimum wage.  Groupon is not local their headquarters is in Silicon Valley. 

So they could care less about the prices at the gas pumps or stores.  You have first hand experience.  I'm pretty sure you are aware. 

We post your job for the value of your coupon.  What ever is left after Groupon charges you. 

When you purchase in our online store it gives us the ability to pay the cleaners more than minimum wage.  

Job Pays

We offer the same prices on our website.  No one is waiting in line.

Only 1 Groupon voucher can be redeemed. It can not be used toward In House purchases. Groupon is for a Standard Clean Only. 

Game room, Office, Dishes, Pets are not included in a Standard Cleaning.

These items are Extra you will be charged.

Keep in mind this is a Wait List.  

This is not a Confirmation Of Appointment.  This is for Placement Purposes Only.   A cleaner has to accept your appointment before it's a confirmed appointment. We will notify you by text message or email. When a slot has become available.

Sorry folks, We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your patience. Our hands are tied.

If you need someone out Asap I suggest you contact Groupon.  I'm sure you still have options. We have not been payed for your job. 

Check your coupon it has an expiration date on it.  We don't give refunds for Groupon vouchers.  You are a Groupon customer you would have to contact Groupon to inquire about their refund policy.

Sign Up For Groupon Wait list Below.

This Is Not A Confirmation Of Appointment.  A Cleaner Has To Claim Your Job.  If No One Claims Your Job.  You Remain On The List Until Someone Does.  

Sign Up

 Groupon Wait List

Buy On Our Website!

Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page.  No Wait Required! Instant Confirmation & Email Confirmation.  

This Price & Instant Confirmation Is Only Valid.  When You Purchase In Our Online Store.

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In House Purchase Only